Learn how you can become a data visionary in your organization. NetApp® customers are thriving as they act to unleash the full potential of their data. NetApp delivers a Data Fabric built for the data-driven world.

In 2018, we’ll focus on how you can inspire innovation with clouds, build clouds to accelerate new services, and modernize your IT architecture with cloud-connected flash. Come learn how NetApp is empowering our customers to change the world with data.

Geek and Greet

NetApp is the Data Authority in Hybrid Cloud.

Only NetApp delivers a Data Fabric built for the data-driven world.

Only NetApp is #1 in hybrid cloud data services.

Only NetApp offers public cloud architectures for private cloud.

Only NetApp has the #1 data operating system for managing data in hybrid cloud and on-premises environments.

“NetApp is THE data-driven company with a holistic cloud approach.”
– EMEA NetApp Insight 2017 Attendee


94% of customers, partners and employees surveyed were satisfied or extremely satisfied with their experience at NetApp Insight 2017.


Nearly 95% of customers surveyed said they gained knowledge about NetApp products and solutions that could help their business.

Approximately 8 out of 10 customers surveyed said they strongly believe NetApp can help them better manage their hybrid cloud.

“This event exceeded our expectations in terms of quality conversations and in-depth technical discussions with NetApp executives and professionals.”
– US NetApp Insight 2017 Attendee

“The event is impressive, visionary and helpful. The networking with NetApp, partners and customers is very good.”
– EMEA NetApp Insight 2017 Attendee

“NetApp Insight is hands-down the best conference for technical content, vision, general session announcements, etc. If I could only come to one event per year, Insight would be it!”
– US NetApp Insight 2017 Attendee

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