This year, NetApp Insight is all about data-driven outcomes. You’ll learn from the experts about how to inspire innovation with clouds, build clouds to accelerate new services, and modernize your IT architecture with cloud-connected flash.

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New Spotlight Sessions!

Our new Spotlight Sessions offer deep dives into the NetApp products, solutions and services you need to achieve data-driven results.

  1. SPL-7101: Spotlight: Inspire Innovation with Data Service Featuring All the Biggest Clouds
    Capitalize on the unprecedented digital transformation opportunity to rapidly expand your business capabilities in the cloud. Hear from Anthony Lye, SVP & GM of NetApp Cloud Data Services and Brendon Howe, SVP, ONTAP Data Services, as they are joined by Cardinal Health and Intuit to demonstrate the power of the NetApp cloud portfolio, helping you to disrupt old ways of thinking and create new market opportunities with cutting-edge cloud services delivered on the leading cloud providers.
  2. SPL-7102: Spotlight: Building Clouds to Accelerate New Services with Seamless Capabilities Across Private and Multi-Cloud Environments
    Public cloud has set the standard by which IT is measured, and today’s IT leaders must demonstrate that they can deliver the same speed and simplicity. This requires cloud-like infrastructure with simplicity, agility, automation, scale AND seamless interoperability and integration across on-premises and multiple hyperscalers. Hear from Brad Anderson, SVP & GM of NetApp Cloud Infrastructure and Adam Carter, senior director of product management, as they demonstrate how NetApp is helping to simplify and automate virtualized workloads, accelerate DevOps, optimize unstructured data, and build cloud-like infrastructure to accelerate the delivery of new services.
  3. SPL-7103: Spotlight: Modernize IT Architecture with Cloud-Connected Flash and Fuel Your Applications, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence
    Cloud-connected flash and NVMe, along with emerging technologies like storage-class memory enabled by MAX Data, open up new workloads and capabilities, including artificial intelligence and real-time analytics. NetApp senior vice president Octavian Tanase, along with Jeff Baxter, senior director of product management, will demo new software capabilities and address the imperatives of becoming a data driven organization.

Session Tracks

The NetApp® Data Fabric empowers customers to modernize their storage and data management, build next-generation data centers, and harness the power of the hybrid cloud. These nine tracks represent use cases of where we help customers solve specific IT challenges.

Tracks / Use Cases Description Focus Areas

Accelerate workloads and analytics

Increase performance and reliability of business applications and derive value from data faster.
  • ERP
  • Analytics
  • Database
  • Engineering and design
  • HPC
  • Vertical-specific workloads
Protect and secure data Provide business continuity and meet data-compliance requirements no matter where your data resides.
  • Backup and recovery
  • Disaster recovery
  • Data security solutions
  • Data privacy solutions
  • Data compliance
Gain data center efficiencies Optimize and consolidate your data center infrastructure to reduce cost and simplify operations.
  • Backup to cloud
Simplify and automate Increase levels of automation in the data center.
  • Private cloud on VMware
  • Private cloud on OpenStack
  • End-user Computing
  • VDI
  • Database / workload consolidation
Build cloud hosting infrastructure Help service providers build an infrastructure foundation for delivering cloud services.
  • IaaS
  • PaaS
Accelerate your DevOps journey Accelerate application deployment and quickly give developers the resources they need by automating infrastructure provisioning, both on-premises and in the cloud.
  • Containers Software development lifecycle:
    Configuration Management, Code repositories
Optimize unstructured data Efficiently manage large content repositories across on-premises, distributed sites and cloud.
  • Rich content management
  • Video surveillance
  • Distributed content management
  • IoT
Integrate cloud data services Leverage the full value of your data by applying and protecting it among a choice of cloud resources.
  • Cloud analytics
  • SaaS backup
  • Cloud tiering
  • Cloud backup
  • Cloud DR
Deliver Data Insights and Control Optimize how data is best applied, managed and protected across a choice of all resources.
  • Infrastructure assessment and monitoring
  • Data profiling and modeling
  • Performance management and analytics
  • Capacity analytics

Technology Topics

NetApp Insight focuses on several key themes and topics that represent initiatives within NetApp. These themes and topics are used throughout the event, including content selection and keynotes.

Topic Topic Description
AFF/FAS AFF/FASGet in-depth coverage of the next-generation NetApp FAS and All Flash FAS controllers and converged back-end storage, including the latest about hardware-related features such as advanced drive partitioning and triple-parity RAID.
Big Data Analytics Big Data AnalyticsThe focus is on NetApp’s enterprise-class solutions for big data, third-party platform workloads such as AI, Machine Learning, IoT using technologies like TensorFlow, Spark, Hadoop, NoSQL and Splunk. We also cover how NetApp solutions solve complex data management challenges across edge, core and cloud for these new workloads using the NetApp Data Fabric.
Cloud Volumes Cloud VolumesCloud Volumes delivers cloud-native data services that offer unprecedented performance and data management features, unlike any other services available in the cloud today. ​They are available through the top hyperscaler cloud providers and help accelerate application development, databases, analytics, and a wide range of applications and workloads.
Converged and Hyper Converged Systems Converged and Hyper Converged SystemsThis track presents sessions on NetApp’s converged and hyper converged solutions, including FlexPod®, NetApp HCI, Managed Private Cloud on FlexPod, NFLEX and Converged Systems Advisor. Application workloads and management solutions on NetApp Converged and Hyperconverged systems for enterprise, hybrid and service provider clouds are presented.
Data Protection and Continuance Data Protection and ContinuanceWith growing enterprise data, it’s critical to protect and manage the data efficiently in the hybrid-cloud environment. This track covers data protection solutions and best practices from NetApp using SnapCenter® and data protection solutions from our partners to protect enterprise applications across hybrid-cloud. Learn how to maintain data availability, disaster recovery and backup service levels with NetApp MetroCluster, SnapMirror®, SnapLock® and SnapVault® technologies. This track also includes data protection ecosystem partner solutions. Covered are NetApp SnapProtect® software and other partner solutions that include NDMP-based and cluster aware backup integrated solutions that protect enterprise applications and infrastructure.
Database and Business Applications Database and Business ApplicationsLearn about NetApp solutions, products and plug-ins for databases and business applications, including SAP, SAP HANA, NoSQL and Oracle. The primary focus is on how these solutions leverage the NetApp flash portfolio and how they can be deployed and operated in a hybrid cloud world. Additional focus areas include database performance, best practices, data protection and application integrations, including NetApp SnapCenter® software.
DevOps and Open EcoSystem

DevOps and Open EcoSystemOrganizations are being challenged to rethink the way they operate in order to compete. This change is taking the form of business and digital transformation. Key to this are changes in business and IT processes that reduce friction and increase choice. The adoption of DevOps practices is helping to bring new applications and capabilities to market faster. Open Systems tools and platforms provide more choices, fewer restrictions, and serve as the foundation for the automated provisioning of resources on demand.

This track highlights NetApp’s unique advantages as a data management platform for: DevOps tools and processes; Open Source technologies; Containers and Container Management; and, Automation and Orchestration platforms.

Beyond demonstrating NetApp’s capabilities in each of these areas, this track will showcase integrated examples and best practices, that INSIGHT attendees can put into practice or customize for their own requirements.

E/EF-Series E/EF-SeriesNetApp E-Series and EF-Series SANtricity-based hybrid and all-flash storage systems are purpose built for SAN or direct attach storage (DAS) to support the most demanding workloads. These systems are an optimal platform for: Big Data Analytics , Data Protection, Video Surveillance and Technical Computing.
Manageability ManageabilityLearn about simplified management and best practices for centralized and integrated management for ONTAP by using the NetApp OnCommand® portfolio of products: Unified Manager, API Services, System Manager and NetApp Service Level Manager. Key solution areas include service level–based management, a single interface for operational monitoring and performance management, and a single REST endpoint for partner integrations for end-to-end ecosystem enablement.
NetApp HCI and Element OS NetApp HCI and Element OSThis track presents sessions for NetApp’s Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI) solution and Element® OS software. NetApp HCI allows easy deployment of application workloads and management solutions for enterprises and service providers building a next-generation cloud-architected data center. We will cover the NetApp HCI and Element OS architectures as well as how to sell, support and operate NetApp HCI. Topics will range from an introduction of NetApp HCI and where it fits into the NetApp portfolio, to integrations with popular solutions such as VMware, Databases and Cloud Enabling Applications. Element OS also powers our SolidFire all-flash, scale-out storage system.
NVMe and SAN Fabrics NVMe and SAN FabricsLearn how to use NVMe and SAN protocols to deliver dramatic improvements in predictable performance with high-availability, and ease of use for block-based workloads.
Infrastructure Monitoring

Infrastructure MonitoringDrive data insights for intelligent operations and business insights. Demonstrate how OnCommand Insight provides monitoring, troubleshooting, optimization, cost justification, and ecosystem integration to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Innovate faster with insights across your application infrastructure. Demonstrate how Cloud Insights helps you reduce troubleshooting time, accurately predict performance needs and help control costs.

ONTAP ONTAPLearn about new features and innovations that are available in NetApp ONTAP®, the industry’s leading enterprise data management software. Topics include efficiency, configuration, performance and protocols. Learn how ONTAP works across the Hybrid Cloud to future-proof infrastructure and power the highest-performance all-Flash AFF arrays.
SaaS Backup SaaS BackupLearn how to help customers protect their mission-critical SaaS data using NetApp SaaS Backup and how NetApp SaaS Backup ensures customers fully recover from inadvertent and intentional harm.
Security and Privacy Security and PrivacyThe NetApp product portfolio offers an extensive set of security features, both natively and in partnership with third parties as a part of the Data Fabric enabled by NetApp. NetApp products become part of your security solution, whether it’s part of a public, private or hybrid cloud offering or in a traditional enterprise deployment, allowing you to address both your security and privacy controls.
Service Design Service DesignThe Cloud Service Design Track enables IT executives to design and deliver IT as a service for their business with the predictable performance, cost and agility of cloud, whether they are providing a cloud or using clouds.
Service Provider Service ProviderThe Service Provider track focuses on both the technical and business aspects of the delivery of services relevant to NetApp Service Provider customers and how they build and deploy cloud and customer-centric cloud and hosting infrastructure services.
Software Defined Software DefinedSoftware-defined storage, with the promise to deliver unprecedented flexibility and agility, has not only become the cornerstone of the next-generation data-center, but is redefining the edge of the storage network. A consistent solution from the data acquisition at the extreme edge through the DC and to the cloud is a data management game changer. This track covers NetApp solutions, case studies, best practices and tools for building a commodity and specialized hardware-based software defined infrastructure on premise. Learn how you can provide a public cloud like experience on-premise using NetApp software-defined solutions.
StorageGRID StorageGRIDThe track will cover all things StorageGRID and will highlight platform innovations and complete solutions with ONTAP, NetApp HCI, enterprise software providers and hyperscalers.
Tools and Implementation Tools and ImplementationThis track will cover services offered to ensure successful business outcomes for our customers and partners. In addition, we will showcase tools and new capabilities that provide actionable optimization recommendations about the use of NetApp products to improve the customer experience. Through the use of leading ML and AI techniques on the NetApp install base, NetApp delivers a unique value to customers.
Virtualization VirtualizationThis track showcases virtualization solutions, and how NetApp enables them. We focus heavily on VMware integration including areas such as simplifying management, data protection and automation. In addition, this track highlights the associated tools and positioning across the NetApp portfolio for these environments.