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Operate anywhere across the hybrid multicloud

When it comes to hybrid multicloud, you need the right balance of resources on prem and in the cloud and you want to manage and monitor your entire infrastructure, all while controlling costs, reducing risk, and protecting your data. Simple enough, right? Join us to learn how to intelligently build your hybrid multicloud for the future, simplifying data management and providing full observability across your entire hybrid multicloud environment, no matter how complex. Whether you want to migrate data and production applications or extend your data center to the cloud for backup and recovery, we’ve got the experts, hands-on demos, and open forum collaborations to help you do it right.

Innovate with the power of AI

AI has proven its potential to transform nearly every aspect of our lives, and it’s only getting smarter by the day. Join us to learn how NetApp can help you harness the full power of AI (and the full potential of your data) to turn potential AI disruption into competitive AI advantage. Explore ways that NetApp can help you save time and money with new AIOps features designed to simplify and accelerate AI dev. Learn how to architect your hybrid cloud to optimally fuel your AI. Explore some of the ways that AI is having measurable impact across industries. Let’s get smarter on AI together.

Build a powerful foundation for enterprise applications

Enterprise applications act as the backbone, nervous system, and the beating heart of innovation within your operation. You depend on these apps to fuel growth, streamline operations, and drive competitive advantage—on premises, in the cloud, and everywhere in between. Join our enterprise applications collective to explore how NetApp solutions directly integrate into enterprise application workflows, enabling you to reduce system administration costs, better protect data, and accelerate access to your data. Meet experts, ask all your burning questions, and let’s work together to modernize your approach to enterprise applications. 

Develop new apps in the cloud

Application development has largely moved to the realm of the multicloud, and we’re here to help show you how to do it right. Whether you’re focused on DevOps, application data management, or you’re just looking for ways to more efficiently scale your multicloud deployment of Kubernetes applications, we’ve got you covered. Join us for an immersive journey with the ideal combination of NetApp’s industry-leading customers, innovative partners, and world-class experts all focused on helping you take cloud-based application development to the stars.

Secure and protect your data

Cyber resiliency is top of mind for every organization around the world, and the challenge only continues to grow. In fact, Q2 of 2023 saw a massive 67% increase in ransomware attacks compared to the previous quarter. And what is the desired target of all this malicious activity? Your precious data. Join us as we explore ways NetApp can help you take a zero trust approach to data sovereignty, preventing ransomware before it ever happens and quickly recovering your data in a worst case scenario. In a world full of malware-packing bad guys with even worse intentions, NetApp has your back (front, sides, and center).

Optimize for sustainability and affordability

Across industries and around the world, sustainability continues to rise as a priority for every business. Some of our actions are driven by the need to comply with new regulations and standards, but much of this focus simply comes from our desire to be good stewards of the limited resources our finite planet has to offer. Let’s collaborate on ways we can collectively improve our sustainability posture, starting by giving ourselves the visibility to accurately measure our impact. We’ll go hands on with NetApp solutions that feature sustainability and savings capabilities built in and hear from a cutting edge crew of industry-leading customers about ways they’re leading the charge in this increasingly important space.