Mega Sessions

Be inspired. Leave prepared.

Are you ready for our all-new forward-thinking Mega Sessions? Learn from the data-driven changemakers who are the driving forces behind their organization's transformation. In our six featured and focused technical sessions, get ready to ask hard-hitting questions and watch engaging technical demos as you interact and collaborate with industry leaders.

Mega Sessions



Monday, October 28th at 10:30 a.m.


Join us as we look under the hood to see how customers have increased their value to the business by successfully extending their ONTAP environment into the cloud.  NetApp general manager Anthony Lye and CTO Jonsi Stefansson will host us as we dive into the journey customers have taken to use the cloud to accelerate time to market, improve customer satisfaction, and optimize costs.

  • Learn from your peers as they share what went well, and what to avoid, on their journey to the cloud.
  • Hear from Intuit and other industry leaders who have gained visibility and control over their hybrid multicloud environments by building their data fabric. 
  • See NetApp Cloud Data Service offerings in action that can help you become a cloud hero.


Monday, October 28th at 2:30 p.m.

DevOps is part strategy, part process, and above all, a transformative journey representing your developer’s ability to create the faster, better software that customers demand. Regardless if it’s an IoT app, a mobile banking app or a customer support app, software developers and operations staff are now being asked to work collaboratively on projects from start to finish. Traditional silos and governance methods are being displaced by micro-services architectures running in containers, using cloud for rapid software creation and change. We should know, we’re on the journey with you.

Don’t miss this behind the-scenes view into how our NetApp IT team—storage admins, app developers and infrastructure architects—uses NetApp technologies as interconnected solutions to simplify, automate, and cloudify our own enterprise and adopt DevOps.

  • Explore the potential impact that DevOps can have on people, processes and technology across your organization
  • Get an inside look into how IT can leverage the public and private cloud for rapid CI/CD
  • Understand how Ansible helps automate software provisioning, configuration management, and application deployment.
  • Ask questions, share answers and collaborate directly with others who are facing similar DevOps challenges and opportunities.


Tuesday, October 29th at 1:30 p.m.

What can a data fabric do for your organization? And more importantly, how can you take what you already know and love about NetApp’s portfolio and begin to weave your own data fabric? Join this cross-industry deep dive into the six steps of building a data fabric. Hear from DreamWorks Technology Fellow for Systems Architecture Skottie Miller, Engineering VP John Woodall from IAS, NetApp’s Jonsi Stefansson and Jeff Baxter as they break down the mysteries around this game-changing data strategy. 

Build your data fabric to ensure your data is always on, always available, and easily consumed so that you can focus on what really matters—the success of your business.

  • Hear about the DreamWorks data fabric in action and get the real-world tech perspective from Skottie Miller as he dives into the incredibly data-rich applications used during the making of films like Abominable
  • Explore how partners and customers address IT challenges as they fine tune their data fabrics
  • Learn how NetApp is uniquely positioned to help customers modernize and simplify IT and connect to any cloud as they build their data fabric.


Tuesday, October 29th at 3:00 p.m.

Your private cloud is capable of more than you know. In this session, architects of some of the most complex private clouds in the world share how they built infrastructures with real scalability, high levels of performance, and automation to drive efficiency. These leaders are building new apps with modern DevOps tools and practices and are running them side by side with legacy enterprise apps. They’re simplifying their data management across clouds and empowering new capabilities for end users through VDI. And they’re here to share their secrets in this in-depth, architecture-oriented exploration into how you can deliver real private cloud performance.

  • Explore how to enable end user self-service with frictionless cloud experiences on premises.
  • Dig into the nuances of building Open Stack Private Clouds, VMware Private Clouds, and Red Hat Private Clouds.
  • Learn how leaders are simplifying and automating infrastructure and consumption to enhance operational efficiency. 
  • Unlock how to get the performance you need in a production environment while simplifying administration. 


Wednesday, October 30th at 10:15 a.m.

Data powers your “mission critical” enterprise applications. Enterprise applications power your business.  You depend on them to fuel growth, streamline operations and find competitive advantage. Join us as we reveal tips from leading enterprise application experts on modernizing and optimizing your business-critical applications. This session will feature a panel of distinguished NetApp technologists, SAP and Oracle experts, customers, and partners who have “been there, and done that”. Real people, real dialogue, real advice. And a real opportunity to accelerate your applications, simplify your operations and transform your IT with confidence.

Step in to step up. This is your opportunity to have a direct impact the performance of your business, and our panel of enterprise apps experts can help show you how. 

  • Special focus on migrating to and managing SAP HANA, with real client examples on how you can deliver projects 8x faster while simplifying operations .
  • See a demonstration of how Azure NetApp Files (ANF) makes it easy to get started in the cloud.
  • Explore how cloud connectivity can help forge your future-proof path to success  .


Wednesday, October 30th at 2:15 p.m.

Join us as Matt Watts and Greg Knieriemen unveil some of our latest innovations  presented by four of NetApp’s brightest minds. Leaders in data services technology will demonstrate our just announced breakthroughs in devops, cloud, AI and security and give you a peek into what we are working on right now. After a series of 5-minute demos, everyone in the audience will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite idea—winners go home with bragging rights. Losers? Let’s be honest, when it comes to driving innovation in technology, there are no losers. Join us for this unforgettable experience. 

  • Find out how easy it is to recover from a ransomware attack.
  • Discover how to simply protect and optimize your infrastructure with Active IQ.
  • See how DevOps can build a continuous innovation and development pipeline (CI/CD) in under five minutes.
  • Be the first to see some of our latest Cloud innovations.