INSIGHT: For the love of cloud was amazing

Are you still blown away by the announcements and the inspiring stories from our featured speakers at NetApp INSIGHT 2022? We are. Tune in to NetApp TV to roll the replay of the keynote, featured speakers, and sessions you loved. Or catch up on the ones you missed.

Introducing the evolved cloud state

NetApp CEO George Kurian described to the world NetApp’s perspective on the changing nature of the hybrid multi cloud. We perceive that the initial journey to cloud is over, and businesses should be at a point where cloud-related resources work efficiently together. We call this an evolved cloud state, where the original promise of the cloud is fully realized: simplicity, security, sustainability, and savings.

Enter NetApp BlueXP®

To help you solve those challenges, NetApp announced our game-changing new solution: NetApp BlueXP. It’s an integrated control plane that delivers a simplified hybrid multi cloud experience across storage and data services enabling that evolved cloud state. BlueXP puts operational simplicity, control, and protection, in the palm of your hand.

All-new NetApp ONTAP release

To realize the full potential of the BlueXP platform, turn on our latest ONTAP release with tamper-proof Snapshot™ copies to protect against ransomware. Get simultaneous access to your data via both file and object protocols, along with many other features.